Health (Isiah)


The simple fact is that climate change is changing our way of life. Weather is is causing mass floods and devastating droughts. It just that with everything that is happening, it affects our health and well being. With the extreme heat on the west coast, water levels are dangerously  low, and any sort of crops that were grown 20 years ago are no longer able to survive.  This has had huge damages to health, especially to the young and elderly.

Impact of Climate Change on Human Health

Impact of Climate Change on Human Health

In certain parts of India and China, where the population exceeds the amount of available resources, diseases and crime are at an all time high. The Need has finally come above the moral and principles that are taught to us. The more that we use, the worse this is going to get. This counts for everything, wood, water, fossil fuels, land, and food. This is going to affect my generation and affect generations to come. The more fossil fuels we use, the more carbon that is going to be in the atmosphere, making people sick.