The virtue of perseverance is important in the Lakota culture. When Cloud and his friend Yellow Hawk, were trying to lure the giant Iya, into a trap, he got exhausted. So he just lied down and waited for the giant to crush his life already. But, before that happened, the dream he had of his wife came to his mind.  Marshall said, “Closing his eyes he awaited for Iya to crush the life out of him. Then he saw Plum in her wedding dress… two small children… dreams inspired by Plum. Somewhere deep within he found a pebble of strength… to make their dreams come true.” (Marshall 27)

I chose this quote, because it shows that they have determination, whether they’re in a life or death situation. They still manage to get up and try for it again, so they can achieve something despite the difficultness. To me, it shows me that perseverance in Lakota is being a strong independent.

Explanation of Virtue in Lakota Culture :

To have perseverance is to face what is difficult in life, and fighting it. In the Story of the Giants, a man named Cloud fought fatigue, helplessness, and fear. Cloud had huge amounts of perseverance to keep running, bringing Iya (the giant) closer to the trap. Whenever the he would feel fear or helpless, he would think of his wife, Plum, and her thought kept him going. If it wasn’t for her memory and his strength, Cloud may have lost and died.

Perseverance was shown Lakota culture during the time of the Trail of Tears. The Lakota were taken from their homes and sent somewhere new and foreign. If they did not have perseverance, then they would have died.