Suggested solutions/courses of action (Shantal)

Scientific solutions- According to there are lots of scientific solutions. Those solutions include of diets, Stop cutting down resources, population, and others.

Some of these are realistic solutions. Some cons are that other solutions just seem to violate human rights, like only having one child. A pro is that this could be good for the environment because it would be cutting the materials used from the earth and other supplies as well.

US Government solution- According to,  President Obama has a plan that’s called “the strongest action ever taken by an American president” for global warming. Unfortunately, some of our new leaders in Congress have vowed to stop him. President Obama just wants a cleaner environment, and who doesn’? Some pros about this solution is that it would clean the power plant and it would cut the pollution at least 30 percent by the end of the next decade. A con is that it needs to be passed by congress. They don’t want to pass this project because it’s an overwhelming science project behind climate change.